About Us!

About Us!

Hi Everyone!!  Thank you so much for joining our blog!  I am starting this blog because I drank Shakeology every single day (sometimes twice a day) for 2.5 years.  I was recently terminated from Beachbody for knowingly violating a rule that I honestly thought was only helping my Beachbody business.  Anyway, Beachbody was in their right to terminate me, but I was upset how it was handled.  When I asked people for a new shake, I got about 100 different options, so my awesome husband, Matt, and I, decided that we would test them all and see how they all compare.  If I do not find a shake as good as Shakeology (it did help me lose about 30 lbs, helped keep me full, helped cure my anemia, and the chocolate tastes AMAZING), I will be happy to go back!  In the meantime, I look forward to trying the new shakes.

As an FYI, I am a super picky eater!  Matt is not picky at all so that is why we determined it would be fun to do this together!  My good friend, Dr. Laurie Brodsky, is a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Doctor, and she will examine the nutritional value of each shake we try.

We decided we would have themes each day!

Sunday Spotlight.  Sunday we will introduce the shake we will be trying for the week, where we got it from, and the cost of the shake.

Mundane Monday.  Laurie had the most excellent idea that we need to try the shakes first with just water.  One of my favorite things about Shakeology is that I could just mix the chocolate with ice and water and it still tasted amazing.  Although everyone can add fun things at home, as a lawyer and a mom of 3, I find a lot of times I am on the go and can only have my shake with water.  Since Mondays are boring anyway, we figured Mundane Monday was perfect!!

Tas-TEA Tuesday.  After I was getting a little bored, I fell in love with Shakeology again when I started having fun tea flavors in my Shakeology.  I am now a consultant for Steeped Tea and I love adding all of their fun loose leaf tea flavors (mint chocolate chip, toffee crunch, french toast, vanilla cupcake etc.), as well as their amazing all natural and calorie and sugar free matcha (vanilla, banana, strawberry, pineapple, etc.) into my shakes.  Each Tuesday, I will come up with a concoction of the shake and tea.

Wacky Wednesday.  Wednesdays will be dedicated to Wacky Wednesday.  We will do a rather crazy shake that day.  Also, many consultants of other MLMs reached out to me about trying their shakes.  I am very excited to try all of their shakes, but on weeks where we are trying a shake from a consultant, we will highlight the consultant, and let the consultant choose the recipe for us to try (within reason as I said before I’m a super picky eater) for Wacky Wednesday.

Treat Thursday.  My second Shakeology of the day usually involved me making either Shakeology cake or Shakeology energy balls, both of which are amazing.  On Thursday, we will see how the shake tastes as a special treat.

Finals Friday.    On Fridays, we will give a final grade to the shake based on the nutritional value, the cost, the taste, and how we feel after 5 days.  They say that you can tell a difference from a shake after only five days so we will weigh in on how we feel.

Thank you all so much for your support