MUNDANE MONDAY-Vega Vanilla Essentials

Today was a crazy day all around!! I had to be in school with the kids most of the morning so I was unable to have my shake until close to noon.  I made the VANILLA shake with just water and ice for Mundane Monday and I flipped out because for some reason my shake was green!!!  I looked at the shake tub and realized that this shake has greens in it.  As a super picky eater, my first thought was fear…how strong will these veggies taste???  If it weren’t for this blog, I probably would not have even tried it (yes that is how horrible my pickiness is), but I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did.

It actually tasted pretty good!  The green makes it taste a little earthy, but the vanilla is definitely the most powering flavor.  It is definitely sweet, but not too sweet.  Going by the taste, I would definitely drink it again and I am excited to do so for the rest of the week!!!  Matt also loved the taste!!!

However, I was a little upset, because even after I finished my entire shake, I was still starving.  I felt like I needed lunch like one minute after I finished my shake and I just kept getting hungrier by the minute.  The reason I loved Shakeology so much was because it would keep me full for hours!  I haven’t been eating that much in the last week or so, so maybe that’s why I was so hungry.  Either way, I hope it fills me up more tomorrow!

Also, I have felt a little sluggish today.  It definitely could be the weather (and my crazy day), but I do not feel the same amount of energy that I usually do when I start my day with Shakeology.  Again, it could be a fluke, and I hope tomorrow will be a different story!!

Matt also felt a little hungrier today and not as energized, but we also know that it does take five days to get used to a shake…so time will tell:)

Anyway, take a look at this crazy green color!!!! 


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