TAS-TEA TUESDAY-Vega Essentials Vanilla

Well the good news is I figured out how to make the absolute perfect shake!!  This honestly tasted like heaven!!!

Based on customer recommendations, I steeped vanilla cupcake tea in unsweetened vanilla almond milk for about an hour (most of my customers do it overnight).  This concoction alone is AMAZING!!  It literally tastes like a cupcake and I love that it still only has 30 calories for an entire cup!! Super yummy and filling.

I next put the vanilla cupcake almond milk in  a cup with four pieces of ice, and the Vega Essentials Vanilla and mixed in my Ninja.  Matt believes the shake tastes a little like pistachio which I can definitely see.  This combination made it taste like super sweet pistachio ice cream.  I could literally have this shake every day of my life.

Now for the bad news…..I was starving AGAIN like one second after I finished the shake.  Again, my energy levels are pretty low but could be this horrible rain (oh and the fact that the thunderstorm woke Matt and I up many times throughout the night).

Even though it’s not that filling, I will totally make this shake again!!!  I will probably make this at night after dinner for a very special treat!

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