WACKY WEDNESDAY-Vega Essentials Vanilla

Well for my first Wacky Wednesday I honestly had no idea what to get!!  I know I needed something to keep me full, since the last few days I have been starving nonstop!!  So I saw my favorite greek yogurt at the store and figured why not add it!  I have become obsessed with siggis because it has a lot of protein, is all natural, and tastes amazing.  Image result for siggi's yogurt vanilla

I also added banana matcha (because I needed an energy boost) and also some fruit (mango and pineapple).  It tasted very similar to my shake the other day with just water–LOL–but still very good!!

However, this did fill me for a long time (as I didn’t get to eat for about 5 hours after I drank it).  That being said though, if I add up the calories it was probably close to 300 calories for my shake.  Although it did fill me, I know I can find a shake in the 100 calorie range that fills me just as much!

Since this tasted so similar to just the shake with water, and the shake with vanilla cupcake infused tea tasted even more amazing, I’d probably stick to one of those since they have way less calories!!

Either way though, I’m loving the taste of this shake!!!

One thought on “WACKY WEDNESDAY-Vega Essentials Vanilla

  1. Food for Thought: I personally am OBSESSED with @siggi’s whole milk and 4% yogurts rather than the 0%, and they now even have the BEST tasting triple cream flavors (http://siggisdairy.com/product/vanilla-triple-cream/) OMG get ready for your taste buds to explode!! Kids need MORE fat, rather than less. Developing nervous systems rely on healthy fats for ultimate growth. Also, removing the fat simply means more sugar. We must focus on removing sugar from kids diets since it hides EVERYWHERE. Love you..


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