FINALS FRIDAY–Vega Essentials Vanilla

So overall I have to say I’m super impressed with this shake!!  Today I had the shake in ginger chai tea and it tasted amazing!!  Here is the breakdown of the five categories we will judge:

  1. Nutrition (A):  Dr. Laurie Brodsky gave this shake an A!!  I will not discuss the nutritional value since she already did, but I love that it has veggies in it!! As a super picky eater who has never been a huge fan of veggies, I LOVE that this shake provides me with the vegetables!!
  2. Cost (A):  I believe this shake is very reasonably priced.  I will give it an A for price since you get 18 servings for about 35 dollars.  For less than $2/serving, I believe that is an amazing deal…especially since I am used to Shakeology at about double that price.
  3. Taste (A): As a HUGE vanilla fan, I was always upset that I didn’t like Vanilla Shakeology.  Although I am obsessed with the taste of Chocolate Shakeology, I think I actually like the taste of this shake more.  I am also sooo happy to find a vanilla shake I LOVE because I will mix in lots of fruit teas, matcha, and fruit!! I feel like every single shake (and even the muffins) tasted incredible.  If I had to drink this shake every day for the rest of my life, I would be happy!!!
  4. Filling (C).  The only reason I was a little disappointed in this shake is because I felt like I was hungry right after I drank it.  With Shakeology, I would be full for at least four hours.  Every day after eating the Vega, I was starving within an hour.  I am not used to having morning snacks, but they were necessary this week every day except when I added greek yogurt to the shake.
  5. Energizing (B).  During the beginning of the week, I was nervous because I felt a lot less energized than usual.  I think it was mainly due to stress though.  Since I have cleared my mind and feel MUCH better about things, I have been feeling super energized like normal.    The last few days, I have felt very good during the days.  I do think Shakeology is more energizing, but this is very close!!
  6. Total Score (B+).  All in all, I am very impressed with this shake.  I love everything about the nutrition and ingredients and am obsessed with the taste!!  Although I wish it were a little bit more filling and/or energizing, I think this is a wonderful alternative to Shakeology since it’s 1/2 the cost.  I will continue to drink this shake especially in the afternoons and/or evenings for a special yummy treat!!


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