MUNDANE MONDAY-ID Life Vanilla and Chocolate

WOW!!!  I had a Vanilla ID Life shake today.  This shake tastes absolutely incredible!! It reminds me of a vanilla bean milkshake with just water!!  I can’t even imagine what I need to add to it to make it better.  More importantly to me, it kept me full for hours!!  I also have felt super energized today (although the 60 degree weather definitely did not hurt).

Matt had the Chocolate Shake.  It tasted pretty incredible as well by itself with just water and ice.  It tasted a little bit like chocolate malt.  I would be just as happy to have the chocolate ID Life shake every day, but the vanilla was probably the best tasting shake I ever had.  Matt loved the chocolate shake (he didn’t try my vanilla since I made it after he left for work), and also felt like it filled him up and energized him!

I am so excited to see how I feel after the full five days of trying this incredible tasting shake!!  Who else has tried this shake??



One thought on “MUNDANE MONDAY-ID Life Vanilla and Chocolate

  1. I’m surprised….with the C- score it for yesterday on nutrition, I thought it might fail on taste and sustaining appetite too. Glad it kept you full.


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