OMG–I can’t even describe in words how amazing my shake tasted today!!  Since I loved the vanilla by itself so much yesterday, I had no doubts it would taste amazing with a tea!

Well—this tea made the absolute perfect pairing.  If a tea has the founder’s name on it, you usually assume it’ll be good.  Well this tea is out of the world!!  It says birthday cake in the name but it kind of reminds me of a mixture of cherry pie and cake.  I think I may have found my new favorite tea!!

Anyway, I steeped the tea for about five minutes and then took out the infuser and let the tea cool down (this step is unnecessary if you are in a rush as you can just steep cold water or cold almond milk for the five minutes).  Then, I put five ice cubes, a little bit of almond milk, the tea, and the shake in the ninja.  It tasted so incredible I think I drank it quicker than the NBA shot clock.

Forget the taste (which is obviously amazing and important),  I feel like I am back to my energized self this week!!  I feel fabulous on this shake!! In addition, I had the shake at around 9:30am and due to my attorney work, tea business, and my three kiddos, I just sat down for lunch now (at 4:00pm) and I was not even hungry!!!  I cannot believe how filling these shakes are.  I honestly feel better and fuller with these shakes than Shakeology, and I write that with tears of happiness in my eyes because I was sooo scared I’d never find anything close.


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