STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING–seriously stop what you are doing!!  The shake I made today is literally out of this world AMAZING!!

For Wacky Wednesday, I asked my friend who introduced me to ID Life for a crazy shake recipe.  The Vanilla is so good by itself, I didn’t really think it needed anything else BUT she gave me some Orange Energy that you take pre-workout and sent me a recipe that calls for Vanilla Shake, the Orange Energy and milk.  I used unsweetened almond milk because I actually dislike the taste of cow’s milk BUT anyway, this tasted like an orange creamsicle.  I LOVED it so much I had my neighbor try it because I needed confirmation it was the best tasting shake ever.  She agreed 100%!!

Today again I felt super full–I didn’t get to eat lunch until after three and with the energy drink and the shake I was SUPER energized all day long!!  I worked out after having the shake, and I also love the energy I had for the workout!!  It didn’t make me jittery (like the energize did for Beachbody) but just gave me long-lasting energy.  I will definitely be buying the energy drink and the vanilla shake!!!

As an aside, the energy drink also comes in mixed berry which I tried as well (not in a shake).  It tastes very good as well!!  Since I loved this shake so much, I will probably buy the orange energy for now:)


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