Well–I am shocked by how much I LOVE this shake.  I definitely like the vanilla better than the chocolate, but today I made an amazing concoction with the chocolate.  I mixed the chocolate with almond milk, peppermint matcha, and mocha matcha.  It tasted like a peppermint mocha!!!  It was amazing!!!  Anyway, here is the breakdown of the five categories we will judge:

  1. Nutrition (C-):  Dr. Laurie Brodsky gave this shake an C-.  I was a little nervous to try this shake out after that, but I’m sooo glad I did.
  2. Cost (A-):  I believe this shake is pretty reasonably priced for how great it made me feel.  I will give it an A- for price.  As a normal customer like me, it costs $44 for 15 servings.  If you are a preferred customer, it costs $39 and if you are an associate (which I assume is like a consultant), you can get it for $30.   This is cheaper than Shakeology and I felt even better on it than Shakeology, so clearly I will be buying a bag!!
  3. Taste (A+): The vanilla shake gets an A+ in my mind!! It tastes like a vanilla milkshake even with just water.  I cannot get over how amazing it tastes!! My favorite recipe was definitely the vanilla with orange energy (also from Id Life) and almond milk, but I could drink it with just water or tea every single day!
  4. Filling (A).  I was so ecstatic to find another shake that filled me up like Shakeology.  I am a constant snacker and seem to always be hungry.  Well with the shake, I felt full for hours and hours!! The reason I loved Shakeology so much was how filling it was….and I am over the moon happy to find another shake that keeps me as full.
  5. Energizing (A+). Forget how filling this shake is (which is incredible), I LOVE LOVE LOVE how I felt all week.  In the beginning of the week, I thought maybe the nice weather was contributing to my amazing mood and all of my energy, but I felt that great all week long!!!
  6. Total Score (A-).  In all honesty, I’m OBSESSED with this shake.  I obviously wish that the nutritional score would have been better but with how great it made me feel, how filling it was, and how great it tastes….I will DEFINITELY order more.

peppermint mocha

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