MUNDANE MONDAY–Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge

Wow am I late to post but it is still Monday so it counts:)  Today I was away from home and work for the day due to Passover!!  I had a great day with the family, so I will say today was not a Mundane Monday in my life, but boy this shake by itself is totally Mundane!!

I was sooo excited to try this shake because many people told me it tasted similar to Shakeology and kept them full for hours like Shakeology.

HMMMMMMM well first off let’s start with taste.  I almost couldn’t finish the shake because it really wasn’t that good.  It reminds me a little of the 8 calorie yogurt I always tried to convince myself was amazing.   I am sure that as I keep coming up with concoctions for it, I’ll learn to love it in various recipes….BUT my whole thing with chocolate Shakeology is that I loved it by itself.  This tasted way too much like chemicals for me.

Also, it definitely did not fill me for the day.  I had it at around 10am and by 12 I was already starving.  That is pretty typical for me, but with Shakeology and ID Life they filled me for about 4-6 hours, which is incredible and exactly what I need.

This week with energy levels will be a little tough to grade because I do follow Passover.  I will not eat bread, rice, cereal, pasta or anything else…so basically I’m on the Atkins diet for a week.  Although I usually feel okay during Passover, I know you need some carbs to have a healthy amount of energy (and I seriously dislike matzoh). Today I did have carbs (Passover started tonight), so I did feel energized on the shake.  The 70 degree weather did not hurt that:)

Anyway, I am hoping the shake tastes better mixed with some tea tomorrow!! Anyone have any good recipes for this shake since I know a lot of people recommended it???orgainchocolate

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