WACKY WEDNESDAY–Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge

Today for Wacky Wednesday, I made an AMAZING concoction.  I really was not liking how Orgain was tasting at all but woke up pretty hungry so I know I needed to bring in the big guns! Due to Passover, there were very few ways I could get Wacky–unless I put matzah in my shake!  Since I dislike matzah, I decided instead to use one scoop of Chocolate Orgain, some almond milk and about 1/3 of a serving of Quest Cinnamon Crunch protein powder.

First off, I NEED to do a full week of Quest flavors.  I am OBSESSED with their bars, and their protein shake is actually pretty reasonably priced.  Second, this is probably the best tasting shake I ever had.  It tastes just like CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH!!!  With almond milk and the Chocolate Orgain, it tasted like I put Cinnamon Toast Crunch into chocolate milk!!!

This shake did fill me up A LOT!! I am still not that hungry about 8 hours later.   Also, I have been feeling energized almost all day!!

I could have this concoction every day and be super happy!!!  I can’t wait to experiment with more Quest flavors soon too (although I can’t imagine finding one that I like more than this flavor).


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