MUNDANE MONDAY-Quest Cinnamon Crunch

Considering this shake got an F for nutrition, I was a little nervous to even try it for the week–LOL.

First, I need to discuss the taste.  It is out of this world AMAZING!! It honestly tastes so much like cinnamon french toast, even just with water.  I have never ever tried a shake that tastes this incredible.  I can’t wait to try this shake with additional ingredients, but it totally is not necessary!  It is so incredible by itself.

That being said, I have been STARVING!!!!  This shake did not fill me up at all!!  I have already had to have two snacks and lunch and it is not even 3pm!!  I honestly haven’t felt this hungry in a long time!!!

As for energizing, it definitely fails there as well.  I will obviously give it some more time, but I have been feeling tired all morning! I am already on my second matcha!!!

So for taste…this one is absolutely incredible!!! For it being filling and/or energizing, I hope it gets better as the week goes on!!!




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