WACKY WEDNESDAY–Quest Cinnamon Crunch

Wow!! I am speechless–which if anyone knows me–knows that is super hard for me!  The shake I made today is probably the best shake I ever tasted.

I mixed 1/2 a packet of enivorkidz apple cinnamon oatmeal (my kids’ favorite), a scoop of Quest Protein Cinnamon Crunch, a tiny bit of almond milk, 8 oz of water, four ice cubes and a few shakes of cinnamon.  This tasted like apple pie—which is one of my favorite desserts!!!

The taste was incredible, and it did keep me full for a long time.  I made it to my normal lunch time when I am working (around 1:30pm) without being hungry.  The oatmeal must have made it more filling!

I also felt very energized today while doing my work!  I felt great all day and had a super productive day (which may have made me more energized or vice versa).

Since I have a 30 serving tin of this shake now, I will definitely be making this treat for dessert in the future!!  For those that don’t have cinnamon protein powder (I am sure that is rare), this exact recipe also tastes amazing in any Vanilla shake!

apple pie

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