WACKY WEDNESDAY–IsaLean Creamy Dutch Chocolate

Well I thought yesterday’s shake couldn’t be any better…but I was wrong!!!!

My friend Jenn who gave me the Isa shakes to try out, told me to try chocolate with a banana, pb2, and almond milk for Wacky Wednesday.  Well that was a great plan until I had three bananas left as of this morning, and guess which three kiddos wanted a banana??

Well no worries…I figured after the amazing shake yesterday with just banana matcha, adding pb2 and unsweetened almond milk could not be bad.  Well this was such an amazing shake, I wanted it to last all day.   I should add that you do get A LOT of powder in the isashakes.  It has 240 calories, but it is a ton of powder!!   It does last A VERY LONG time (many hours!).

Again today…I was super full and energized!!! I LOVE how I feel on this!!  Feels even more filling and more energizing than Shakeology.!!!  I also personally like the taste better than Chocolate Shakelology, although it is a very close call!

Either way, I can totally see what all the hype is about with Isa!


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