FINALS FRIDAY-IsaLean Creamy Dutch Chocolate

Well well well.. I now see why Isagenix is so popular.  This shake really does a very very impressive job of keeping you full and energized and it tastes amazing!!!

  1. Nutrition (C):  Dr. Laurie Brodsky gave this shake a C.
  2. Cost (A-):  14 shakes costs $40 which is cheaper than Shakeology!  For a shake that is so similar to Shakeology, I’m surprised it’s so much cheaper (Shakelogy is $129 for 30 servings).
  3. Taste (A+): This flavor is out of this world amazing!  It tastes like a creamy chocolate milkshake, even with just water alone!  Mixed with banana matcha makes it even more incredible.
  4. Filling (A+).  I was a little nervous to have this shake because it had so many calories.  However, it is by far one of the most filling meals I’ve ever had.  It is definitely worth the additional calories for something so filling.
  5. Energizing (A+). This week I felt AMAZING on IsaLean.  I didn’t feel tired at all and felt like I was super energized for work and the kids.
  6. Total Score (A-).  If it weren’t for the nutrition, I would give this an A+++.  However, I’m very very excited about how great this shake tasted and how wonderful I felt all week!  I totally see what all the hype is about!  Final Grade-B (2)

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