MUNDANE MONDAY–Skinny Blend Banana

So I’m sure a lot of you are like me, and are obsessed with Amazon.  For this week’s shake I went by Amazon’s review.  I just typed in weight loss shake and this came up as one of the top rated shakes.  It was pretty cheap so I figured why not try it!!

I couldn’t decide between banana or cookies and cream for a long time, but figured banana would be new and fun!!!

I know the nutrition on it is horrible, but the shake does taste pretty good!!  Tastes just like banana laffy taffy:)

The shake actually was kind of filling too and energy feels good (although I’m in Mexico so maybe it’s the tequila talking–LOL).  However, my stomach does not feel the best from it!!!  Again, could be tequila LOL.  I am excited to continue to try this shake though over this week and hope it’s just a random stomach issue.  18254421_10101388487147452_858875989_n

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