WACKY WEDNESDAY–Skinny Jane Banana

Okay so I definitely got a little too wacky today!! I was super excited for one of my new favorite teas to come in–lime in the coconut.  You may now have the song in your head so YOU ARE WELCOME–lol.  Anyway the tea is very good so I decided to mix it in my banana shake with some water and frozen fruit.

I sadly had to force myself to finish the shake.  I am sure it is just because of a crazy concoction I made but will definitely not be repeating this!

I barely ate on vacation in Mexico (which was totally my fault) so I thought I’d be starving today no matter what.  I did NOT feel hungry at all today.  I did not feel as energized as I would like, but I was very surprised how full I felt all day.

So in summary, I would not suggest this combination of the shake but each of the parts alone are good–LOL:)yucky

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