FINALS FRIDAY–Skinny Jane Banana

Well after Isagenix last week, this shake was quite the disappointment.  I was super excited to try banana, and even the taste wasn’t that great.  This shake isn’t the worst I had, but I am surprised it was one of the highest rated shakes on Amazon.

  1. Nutrition (F):  Dr. Laurie Brodsky gave this shake a F.  WOW.  Don’t worry she picked the shake for next week so hopefully it’ll get a good grade lol.
  2. Cost (A-): 30 shakes costs $42.99.  That is about $1.50/shake which if the shake was good, would be a great price!!!
  3. Taste (C-):  After reading the reviews, I really thought it would be an amazing taste for only 90 calories.  The first two days I had it, I may have had some bellinis with it (I was in Mexico), but the taste really is not that great.  Today I had a little trouble finishing it.  The cake did taste good with it though so I will continue to make that.
  4. Filling (C-).  I was starving the last three days (again can’t go by my time in Mexico).  This really is not a filling shake at all but again remember only 90 calories which is very low.
  5. Energizing (C). I definitely did not feel full after this shake.  Again it is only 90 calories, but I NEED a shake that super energizes me.
  6. Total Score (C-).  I will not be buying this shake again.  However, I will use the rest of it for an evening snack to make banana foster cake!!!!  Yummy!!!

Final Grade-B (3)


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