MUNDANE MONDAY–PlantFusion Cookies N’ Creme

Well I kind of messed up….Dr. Laurie Brodsky told me to get PlantFusion and I didn’t realize they had an organic shake.  However, I am glad I messed up because WOW is this shake incredible!!!

I was so excited to try it, that I had it over the weekend with unsweetened almond milk and it was AMAZING!!!

Today though for Mundane Monday, I tried it with just water and it was still very good!!   I LOVE cookie and cream flavoring (who doesn’t?), and this definitely does not disappoint!!!

This shake is FILLING!!!  I woke up starving today…I don’t know why I splurged and had pad thai last night…which I haven’t done in a while but it was incredible!!!  Anyway, I woke up very hungry and this shake completely filled me up!  I was pretty full until around 2pm for lunch which is pretty good!!  I am very impressed it is so filling for only 120 calories.

As for energizing, I am very impressed with this shake as well.  I had so much energy to do my work this morning, which was EXACTLY what I needed!!! I feel fabulous today!!  I also felt fabulous over the weekend when I had it.

Although I have found other shakes that made me feel the same way Shakeology did, I am soooo ecstatic about this one because it is super yummy and super cheap (it comes out to about $1 per serving)



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