TREAT THURSDAY–Plantfusion Cookies N’ Creme

OMG Stop what you are doing and make these balls!!! There are no words for how amazing they are!!!  My girls ate three of them in one sitting and said they are absolutely “Dewicious”.  I agree 100% and they are so easy to make!

To make them, the girls and I mixed one scoop (give or take depending on how a 3 year old measures them), 1/8 cup of honey and 1/8 cup of this amazing dark chocolate peanut butter.  We added about 1/8 cup of water (I would have used almond milk but we ran out today) and mixed it all up.  Then, we just rolled into balls–SUPER EASY!  When I say they are ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, I mean it!!

This is actually my second serving of this shake today.  I was running around this morning like a chicken without a head, so I didn’t have time to make the treats prior to dropping my son at school.  Therefore, I made an incredible shake with a weird concoction.  I put banana matcha and cashew milk in a scoop of the PlantFusion, and it was amazing!!!  I did not taste the cookie taste, it tasted more like chocolate banana, which I LOVE!

Again today, I felt full until lunch (although I needed to have an early lunch due to my schedule) and I feel amazing!!!


Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo Balls--WOWWWWWW

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