FINALS FRIDAY–Plantfusion Cookies N Creme

OMG!!! I cannot BELIEVE I found a very reasonably priced shake that is tastier than Shakeology and makes me feel just as good (if not better).  This shake is absolutely incredible!! I am soooo excited!!!!

  1. Nutrition (B+):  Dr. Laurie Brodsky told me to buy this shake but she intended for me to buy the organic one and I bought the non-organic one (which obviously I didn’t realize).  I am actually happy I did because I LOVE it so much, but next week we are doing the Organic version of this shake since I LOVE it so much.  I already got the tin and smelled it (Vanilla Chai) and I know it will taste amazing!!
  2. Cost (A+): 30 shakes costs $31.  UMMMM an amazing shake for about $1/shake..COUNT ME IN!!!!  That’s exactly what I was looking for!!!
  3. Taste (A+):  OKAY so I do have to preface this and say I’m a super super picky eater. When I was young, I would only eat about 5 foods…but OREOS were always my favorite (especially double stuffed).  Anyway, I’m usually a huge fan of cookies n’ creme anything but this shake tastes AMAZING!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It tastes good by itself with water, but I LOVE it even more with matcha and almond milk.  Tastes like an oreo milkshake.
  4. Filling (A+).  I never ever thought I could find a reasonably priced shake that would keep me full for hours (that’s a very hard task with me as I tend to be a BIG snacker).  However, this shake kept me full from breakfast until about 2pm every day this week.  I also didn’t snack that much throughout the day (or even at night which is a miracle) thanks to this shake!!!
  5. Energizing (A+). What impresses me the most is how INCREDIBLE I felt all week.  I felt even better than I did on Shakeology every single day.  I had sooo much energy to do my attorney work, my tea business and of course be a mom to my three super energetic kids (do they take this stuff behind my back??)
  6. Total Score (A). I have never been happier to find a shake in my life!!! This is the real deal and super well priced.  I could drink this every day for the rest of my life and be ecstatic!!!!  Thanks so much PlantFusion and I can’t wait to try your Vanilla Chai Organic shake next week:)Final Grade-B (4)

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