SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT — Happy Mother’s Day!

Last week was PlantFusion’s regular plant-based blend, and they got a pretty good grade. Now let’s upgrade to their Organic Plant Protein and see how they do!

I am a huge proponent of you are what you eat, AND digest. You can eat anything your heart desires, but what are you really getting out of it? The more nutrition you pack into each meal or snack, the more there is to get out of it, whether it be more nutrients, minerals, vitamins, all which help your body run optimally for health and wellbeing.

This is why I encourage you to be as picky as possible when it comes to the quality and sourcing of the food you eat. Eating organic doesn’t always mean best, but it does assure you that your food has been held to some degree of quality based upon avoidance of various chemicals or pesticides that can linger into our diet, and one step further is eating foods with the non GMO label, which helps ensure that our strawberry is actually JUST a strawberry, for instance, without any additional genes or DNA spliced in for added color. Make a pledge to EAT REAL FOOD, and you cannot go wrong.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.56.04 PM.png

The above pic is from their website, as they outline their use of cleaner, plant-based protein which is a great place to start. When you use the power and energy of plants to power your day and your muscles, you can rest assured that the body can utilize it more effectively, and thus assimilate more nutrients from it. This is the point: eat foods that nourish you. Avoid junk that is hard to break down and gather nutrients from.

Many of the whey proteins and isolates from other brands pose a large challenge for the body, and this over time, can create allergenic reactions, and more, throughout the body. The immune system is being challenged when it has other more important things to do, like searching out, tagging and destroying cancer cells, among a myriad of others. Let the immune system to its’ job by avoiding typically allergenic foods (think soy, gluten, corn, nonGMO food, etc) and instead nourish your cells with the good, clean stuff.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.54.57 PM.png

Let’s check out the ingredient list:

Fiber: GRADE A

From what I gather here, they are using inulin which is organic, and a great source of prebiotic fiber for the body (ideal for feeding your but bacteria), as their primary ingredient. Right off the bat you are getting extra fiber to help move the metabolized toxins OUT of your body via the large intestines, and this is a great thing. Some people have trouble digesting inulin, such as those following the FODMAP diet, so make note if you experience any gas or bloating with this formula, and check in with your gut flora balance. Inulin also provides many other health benefits, including:

  • heart health
  • metabolic imbalance
  • weight management
  • digestive upset including constipation
  • IBS and other..

Ingredient Safety: Grade B

Xantham Gum, which I’ve spoken about before, is a stabilizing, emulsifying and thickening agent used in a whole slew of products and foods, lotions, medicines, dressings, toothpastes, yogurts, you name it. Did you know that it is made via sugar fermentation with the help of the bacteria Xanthomonas campetris, and is then alcohol-dried and finally, ground into a fine powder.

I would have preferred them to list the amount they are using in their formula, since consuming less than 15g of the stuff is what is considered safe. Would have given a higher grade here if they told us how much is in the formula, or if they used flax or chia instead!!

Sweetness Factor: Grade A

Organic stevia, if you like the taste, and you cannot go wrong. Ideally they extracted it from a real plant, and sweeten just to taste — and not too much! I am sure Laura can speak more here.. If you want to grow your own Stevia plant, it would be such fun, and you can simply pluck the leaves straight into your tea!

Flavoring: Grade B

Natural vanilla chai flavoring blend? First off, what is in this so-called blend of natural flavors, and where can one find a ‘natural’ (aka from nature!) source of vanilla chai?! It was likely created in a lab, and is false marketing, despite the fact it is organic AND natural.

Overall Ingredients: Grade A

Keep in mind that their ingredient list is considered VERY short and concise, compared to just about EVERY other formula we have examined, and this makes my job easier, and easier for you to read about, learn about and enjoy, too… Nice job.

Silica and Sea Salt: Silica is an extremely versatile mineral, and most of us know it for its’ help in the department of hair, skin and nails. Keep in mind that it is also useful for:

  • heart
  • joint
  • bones
  • digestive
  • immune
  • detoxification
  • cognition

Where can we get more minerals in our diet? High quality sea salt. We prefer pink Himalayan Sea Salt, and Celtic salt which is a nice grey color. Fresh from the earth, containing all of the earth’s precious minerals to feed the teeniest enzymatic pathways throughout the entire body. Don’t skimp out on your salt.

From their site:

“At PlantFusion, we naturally prefer “the whole food” approach.   So instead of using high doses of a few strains of isolated probiotics, we use living fermented foods which contain hundreds of strains of probiotics, enzymes and natural cofactors, just as they exist in nature.  The end result is a broader range of beneficial bacteria to support digestion in a way that you can actually feel.”

  • This is a fantastic philosophy to live by, and is really helpful when thinking digestive health. The more nutrition you get from real, live foods including fermented foods, the better.

“What does PlantFusion Organic have in common with foods like Greek Yogurt, Kombucha, and Kimchi?”

The answer is fermented foods, which have soared in popularity as people take advantage of their ability to improve digestive health and overall well-being.  Digestive issues often are the # 1 difficulty people experience with protein shakes.  Symptoms range from bloating, to gassiness, and even serious cramps.  No matter how it may feel, this is your body’s way of telling you that it does not have the necessary tools to properly digest and effectively use the proteins consumed.   The proprietary fermented foods blend in PlantFusion Organic Protein gives your body the metabolic toolbox needed to actively break down the proteins into shorter peptides and amino acids for easier, more efficient use by the body.  At the same time, the active cultures help normalize the balance of flora in your digestive tract for better overall digestive health.

I really enjoy the simplicity of the site, the quality of the product, the care put into creating this organic formula, and I hope the taste is as good as it looks/sounds. Hopefully, you feel energized and ready to go after drinking this shake, since it’s packed with tons of plant-based ingredients that your body is sure to love.

No added sugar, bonus digestive enzymes, fermented and sprouted foods, and plant-based power. AWESOME.

OVERALL GRADE A: I am VERY excited to get my hands onto this formula!!!

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