MUNDANE MONDAY–PlantFusion Vanilla Chai

After absolutely LOVING the Cookies N’ Creme and seeing that Dr. Laurie Brodsky gave the organic version of PlantFusion an A I COULD NOT WAIT to try this shake!!!

I happen to be obsessed with chai and vanilla is my go to flavor.

First off, I forgot to mention this last week, but PlantFusion sticks the scooper all the way in the tin…it takes a while to find it!!!

Second, unlike last week’s shake, this shake is soooo thick!  I mixed with just four ice cubes and water (like I do every Monday) and it was very very thick!!

Let’s discuss taste–the Cookies N’ Creme was amazing by itself.  This was not.  I did end up adding some stevia half way through so I can finish it, and then it tasted pretty incredible!!!  I think it’ll be a good shake to mix with various other ingredients, and I can’t wait to get creative this week!!

OKAY I have to discuss how filling this shake is.  I couldn’t even look at food until 230pm.  I made my lunch at 1 and was way too full to eat it.  I’m still super full!

I feel just as good today as I did last week on Cookies N Creme.  These are very energizing shakes!!

All in all, I’m excited about this shake and to have it all week!!!


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