TAS-TEA TUESDAY–PlantFusion Vanilla Chai

So yesterday I said I didn’t love the taste of the shake alone but I could tell it had a lot of potential.  Today I LOVED the taste of the shake with some tea.  I’m not very original, so I just added my favorite chai tea (Dark Chocolate Chai) to the shake and added in some cinnamon and stevia.  It tasted amazing, but the vanilla flavor definitely overpowers any other flavor (you would think with chai tea in it you’d only taste the chai flavoring but it’s a very subtle chai taste).

This shake is by far the most filling shake I ever drank.  It is almost 4pm here and I’m forcing myself to  eat lunch….seriously I cannot even eat.  Yesterday, I wasn’t hungry for lunch or dinner and forced myself to eat both.  I didn’t even need a nighttime snack last night!!!!  I lost a pound in a day!!!

As for how I feel, I feel great on it despite just feeling super full! My energy levels feel great!  I’m not sure how much I love feeling this full, but I guess if you are looking for a weight-loss shake, THIS IS IT!!!


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