TREAT THURSDAY-Plantfusion Vanilla Chai

I made banana matcha cake!!!  The recipe was super easy!  Although it looks like barf, it tasted pretty good (and tastes amazing with some truvia on top of it–just like dessert!)

I mixed an egg with a scoop  of vanilla chai and a tsp of banana matcha.  I put about 2 tbsps of water in it and put in the microwave for 1 and a half minutes!  So easy!

The banana flavoring was very strong–but I LOVE the banana flavoring!!

I am STILL FULL from yesterday.  I only took a couple of bites of this so far because of how full this shake keeps me.  Every day this week I had the shake I couldn’t eat lunch until about 4pm and was still forcing myself to eat at that time.  For dinner, I also haven’t been hungry and barely needed a snack at night!  I usually have a snack at 5pm and a nighttime snack but this week I could barely snack!

I am down 2.5 weeks already this week.  My goal is to maintain my weight but next time I want to lose weight, I will drink this shake every day happily!

I am off to Atlantic City for a lawyer convention and I can’t eat lunch today so I am hoping that I stay as full today!! I’m confident I will!


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