FINALS FRIDAY–PlantFusion Vanilla Chai

After last week, I was sooo excited to try another PlantFusion shake.  The Cookies N’ Creme is amazing so Dr. B. told me to try the organic version and I happily did!  I don’t know which shake I like better (both get As in my book)…so let’s break it down!

  1. Nutrition (A):  WOOT WOOT!! An A is very rare from Dr. Laurie Brodsky, so I am happy to see another shake get an A.  Especially a yummy, filling one.
  2. Cost (A-): 30 shakes costs $44.  This is a little bit more expensive than the non-organic version of the shake, but I believe it is still very reasonable!
  3. Taste (A-):  The shake by itself is not the best, but with almond milk and some liquid does taste amazing! I also loved it with my tea and matcha.  It does taste good, but I think the label is misleading…I only tasted vanilla! I seriously could not taste the chai at all!!!  However, I love vanilla so I loved it!
  4. Filling (A+++++).  I know that’s not a real grade, but A+ did not seem adequate for how filling this shake is.  I lost 3 lbs this week because I seriously wasn’t hungry the whole week.  I had to force myself to eat lunch and dinner, and couldn’t even contemplate having snacks (and I am a snacker)!  Although this is the most filling shake I ever had, I don’t even know if I like being that full–LOL.
  5. Energizing (A).  I felt great all week!! I may have felt a tad more energized on the non-organic version, but this is definitely a very energizing shake!
  6. Total Score (A). Definitely giving this shake an A!!! It’s amazing!!  I LOVE both this flavor and the Cookies N’ Creme and will continue to drink both.  I think if I needed to lose a lot of weight, I’d only drink the organic version.  I think people will lose a lot more weight with this shake than Shakeology.  However, my goal currently is to maintain my weight.  I do think the non-organic version will help people lose weight as well, I just think if you are really looking to lose weight…the way to go is definitely the organic version!  Also, if Dr. B. says it’s better for you health-wise, that’s A HUGE PLUS!!  YAYA FOR AN ALMOST PERFECT SHAKE!!!Final Grade-B (5)

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