TAS-TEA TUESDAY–Airbonne Chocolate

Well today was a very exciting day for me!! Steeped Tea is coming out with a new matcha flavor next month, and as consultants we get to try it early!  It finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to devour it!!  Unfortunately, I have been told I can’t disclose the flavor publicly so if you are reading this and not in my tea group, you will have to guess (and I’d love to hear your guesses!).

Anyway, the new flavor is perfect for a chocolate shake and it was AMAZING!!!  The chocolate tastes very good!!  It’s a rich chocolate and I really like it!! Mixed with MYSTERY matcha it’s amazing–LIKE OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

I felt good all day. I just had lunch at 4pm and I was hungry but not starving (which is pretty impressive for a shake!)  I also feel very energized!!

I am definitely really enjoying this shake!coconutchocolate

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