TREAT THURSDAY–Arbonne Chocolate

OMG!! I could make this banana chocolate oatmeal EVERY DAY!!  I used a packet of oatmeal, a packet of Arbonne shake, and 1/2 tsp of banana matcha.  I put water in and cooked for about 1:30 in the microwave.  I probably could have kept it in for longer, because this tasted raw…but I kind of LOVED it that way!!!

The Arbonne chocolate shake is very tasty, but I am sure this combination would work well with any chocolate shake!!

This is a very filling breakfast!!!  The oatmeal makes it extremely filling!!  I would have this again if I couldn’t eat for about 8 hours!! Unfortunately with my work schedule, I had to force myself to eat lunch at around 1.

I’m feeling good on this shake..super energized despite this pouring rain!!!  It is definitely a very good shake!!!0000000

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