I was excited to try Arbonne because I have a few friends who do Arbonne.  That being said, before a few weeks ago I didn’t even realize they had shakes!!  I knew them more for their skincare line which I have heard is AMAZING!  Anyway, since we are not in the business of reviewing skincare lines, I’ll discuss the shakes:

  1. Nutrition (C):  Clearly I know nothing about nutrition!!! I thought this looked amazing for nutrition but clearly Dr. B. knows better!!
  2. Cost (B+): 30 shakes costs $76.  This is about $2.50 per serving which is pretty reasonable I believe!
  3. Taste (A+):  The vanilla tastes incredible!! I also LOVED the chocolate but there was something about the vanilla that was out of this world.  It reminded me of a vanilla milkshake with only water.
  4. Filling (A).  These shakes kept me full all week!  I did not need to snack at all!! i just had my shake and I was good to go!!!
  5. Energizing (A).  This shake is very energizing as well! I felt high energy all week!
  6. Total Score (A-). This shake is a very good shake!! It reminds me a lot of Shakeology! I felt good and full on it!!  I think the taste is better than Shakeology and it is cheaper than Shakeology!  Definitely a very good option!! I would love to have the Vanilla every day!  Why the heck was I (and 500 of my customers) spending so much on Shakeology!! YIKES!!
  7. Final Grade-B (6)

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