MUNDANE MONDAY–Burt’s Bees Vanilla

WATCH OUT PLANTFUSION!!  This shake is pretty impressive!! I’m so happy Dr. B gave it an A- because this shake tastes amazing!!!  It’s not that strong of a vanilla taste so I am sure it will taste incredible mixed with other things.  That being said, it has a very nice vanilla taste.  Today with just water, I gulped it down in a few sips because it was so good!  I’m usually a vanilla person but I hated Vanilla Shakeology–I’m so glad to find shakes where I can drink the vanilla flavor!

The shake is definitely filling for only 110 calories.  It kept me full all morning! I have a Memorial Day party at 2pm and I don’t think I’ll need to snack prior to the party–YAYAY!!!

As for energizing, it seems to be pretty good!! It’s a dreary lazy day in the Schiller household, so I can’t really tell. I can usually tell how energizing shakes are when I am working and/or am out with the kids all day.  I look forward to seeing how I feel for the remainder of the week and I’m so excited to try this shake mixed with tea and fruit!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day!! Today and everyday, I am thankful for all those that serve!burtsbees

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