WACKY WEDNESDAY–Burt’s Bees Vanilla

WOW this combination is sooo amazing!! I could have this shake every day!!!  I used about a cup of unsweetened choclate milk, a scoop of Burt’s Bees Vanilla, a tbsp of PB2 and a teaspoon of Banana Matcha.  This tasted like a chocolate, peanut butter, banana milkshake!!  I gulped it down in about 5 sips because it was sooo good!!

I went to a workout class (okay two of them–what what?) and had so much energy during the class!! I still looked like a spazz, but no shake will help that!!  I felt super energized all morning!!

I went to lunch with friends and ate around 1pm but definitely wasn’t hungry before then!!

So far I’m LOVING this shake!!! The vanilla is so subtle, it’ll taste good with anything!! This combination does happen to be a winning combination though!!!bbchocpb

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