FINALS FRIDAY–Burt’s Bees Vanilla

I was excited to try this new shake because it just came out!!! It definitely is a very good cheap option!! I think PlantFusion is a little bit better, cheaper, filling and energizing…but in all honesty this is pretty close.

  1. Nutrition (A-):  Dr. B. gave it an A- which I think is great!!! Considering some of our shakes got an F, I feel as though an A- must be a really good shake.
  2. Cost (A-): 18 shakes cost $30.  This is a very reasonable price but I didn’t realize I was only getting 18 shakes for that price (most containers have THIRTY).  However, still a great price!!!
  3. Taste (A-):  The vanilla is so mild, I feel as though this shake will just taste like whatever you put into it!  It is a pretty good taste, just mild!!  I did look forward to it every day though!
  4. Filling (A-).  This shake did an amazing job of keeping me full all week!! I was with the kids all week (they had off for some holiday I never heard of) and so I barely could eat all week (or at least I couldn’t eat in peace).  Thanks to this shake that was not a problem at all!
  5. Energizing (B+).  This shake is energizing for sure, but I have felt more energy with a lot more shakes (Isagenix, Arbonne, Plantfusion, etc.)  I didn’t sleep one night this week so that is not helping, but I know for sure other are more energizing.
  6. Total Score (A-). This shake is a very good cheap option!!  If I didn’t try PlantFusion, I’d probably suggest this to everyone!!! It is very good but I just feel as though PlantFusion is a little bit better!! Either way, you can’t lose with either of this “cheap” shakes!Final Grade-B (7)

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