WACKY WEDNESDAY–Zero Belly Vanilla

Wellll the only good thing about purchasing this Zero Belly shake to try is it came with a recipe book with TONS of ideas for making the Zero Belly shake.  I will probably never drink this shake again after this week, but I will for sure use this recipe book with other (better tasting) vanilla shakes.

So I looked in the book and I saw a recipe that combines the shake with blueberries and avocado.  Seriously if I could only eat two foods for the rest of my life, blueberries and avocado would be high up on the list.  I did get super excited to try the shake (I used 1/3 cup of blueberries and 1/4 of an avocado)……BUT it just tasted like cardboard still.  Basically, I drank blueberry avocado cardboard.

It was a little bit more filling today.  I ate lunch at 1:30 but probably could have even waited longer.  As for energy, it is DEFINITELY not energizing.  All week I feel as though I need 82350987 mgs of caffeine, which is not usually the case for me:)

As an aside, I will DEFINITELY try this recipe in a good tasting vanilla shake.  It does seem like it can be amazing!


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