TREAT THURSDAY–Zero Belly Vanilla

Well…I am super excited today!!!  Why you may ask??? I FINALLY figured out how to make this shake NOT taste like cardboard.  I made these easy to make two ingredient snacks.

HAS ANYONE TRIED MUSCLE BUTTER???? I LOVE it.  It has similar nutritional facts to peanut butter, but it has fun flavors!!! I LOVE the birthday cake one and the cookies and cream one as well.

Anyway, I assumed this would be a good combination for this shake because I actually HATE the taste of Vanilla Shakeology.  However, with this butter it was more tolerable so I figured the same would be for this equally horrible tasting shake.

I was CORRECT.  These snack bites are to do for!!!

I’m still starving and have no energy…but hey at least I liked my shake today:)


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