FINALS FRIDAY–Zero Belly Vanilla

WELL–you can all say THANK YOU to me!!  Really A HUGE THANK YOU please…I tried this horrible shake so that you don’t have to!!! I’m sooo excited the week is done because this shake is probably about as bad as it gets (I assume?).  The only good thing about this shake is it came with an AMAZING recipe book that was written by the guy who writes Eat This Not That (David Zinczenko).  I am kind of obsessed with him and this recipe book for smoothies looks amazing!!!!

  1. Nutrition (B-):  Dr. B. gave it an B- which is the BEST part of the shake.
  2. Cost (B+): OKAY OKAY I may have lied.  The deal I got for this shake is probably the best part of the shake.  I got 12 servings of the shake, the awesome smoothie recipe book, and a bunch of protein bars (which the kids and I liked) for only $49.  Not a bad deal….would be better if I actually liked the shake but hey beggars can’t be choosy.
  3. Taste (F):  THIS IS CARDBOARD!! I don’t know what cardboard tastes like really, but I would imagine just like this shake!!!  I honestly thought Vanilla Shakeology was the worst shake I ever tried until I tried this!! It’s so bad I don’t even know if my dog would eat it (perhaps I should see as an experiment).
  4. Filling (F).  This may be unfair to the shake because this is the first week I had a Peleton and I have been burning about 3-4 times the amount of calories that I usually do BUTTTTTTTT the second I finished the shake (if not before), I needed a snack.  I was STARVING all week.
  5. Energizing (F).  UMMMM this shake does nothing for energy!!!  I swear all week I felt blah and I blame it totally on the shake.  Clearly that probably isn’t true, but hey the energizing shakes I previously tried would have TOTALLY got me through the week in a better mood!
  6. Total Score (D). DO NOT BUY THIS SHAKE!!  It really is a waste of money!!  If you want to spend $50, buy some tea instead….just kidding buy PlantFusion and call it a day (and use the extra money for something fun!)Final Grade-B (8)!!!

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