Ready for more?! Herbalife is a HUGE MLM company… let’s see how their doTERRA TrimShake product compares to the competition in terms of nutritional content according to their label, sourcing and quality of ingredients. Is it truly as Slim & Sassy as they claim?

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 8.52.03 PM

What’s the Stuff Made of?

Upon first glance, the label seems quite nice with their complex protein blend comprised of pea protein, quinoa and amaranth. All delicious gluten-free grains mixed together into a grainy combo despite the fact that we aren’t sure how much of each grain is actually in each scoop.

Also, if you scroll down on the ingredient list, you will see potato protein powder. Cool idea/concept, even in terms of nutrition — but is this white or sweet potato?! The source of potato is likely GMO though, so I wouldn’t jump the gun here, especially since potatoes make number 12 on the EWG’s Dirty Dozen list.


  • Zero added sugars
  • Ashwagandha: One of my all-time FAVE adaptogenic herbal ingredients is used in this formula. If you aren’t familiar with it yet, you should be. Adaptogenic herbs help your body bounce back from/recover from stress, which we all experience throughout the day. To help mitigate the long-term detrimental effects of stress on our physiology and metabolism, using some type of adaptogen can be extremely helpful for most people. Other benefits may include better sleep and more energy throughout the day — who wouldn’t benefit from that?!


  • Nowhere on the label did they include anything about the sourcing of their ingredients, meaning that this product is not certified organic nor is it guaranteed to be free of GMO ingredients which are likely lingering throughout this formula.
  • Fiber content is slightly below average at 4g/scoop — try to aim for at least 25g/fiber in your diet each day! You would need at least 6 scoops to barely achieve this dosage of critical fiber each day, and that is WAY over the top.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 8.52.14 PM

Laura chose the vanilla flavor this week, and despite their use of ‘fancy’ fiber aka fibersol-2 and guar gum, these numbers/ingredients aren’t too impressive.

  • According to their site, fibersol-2 is “digestion-resistant maltodextrin is a soluble corn fiber that acts as a low-calorie bulking agent containing 90 percent dietary fiber” — aka a highly likely GMO product bulking up the powder itself. We do not want to add any type of hormone disruptors to our diets, especially on a regular or daily basis, so please look for products with the nonGMO stamp of approval.
  • Sunflower — sunflower WHAT?! Sunflower seed? Sunflower oil? Ground up sunflower? Very unclear.
  • Natural flavors — learn more info about how natural flavors is one of the most vague terms currently allowed to be listed on labels, as these can be made up of over 100 different compounds and are as far from natural as one would imagine.
  • Vitamins and minerals — seems like they put in lots of thought for their product, although these are purely synthetic forms of the vitamins/minerals depicted by the fact that they are not directly food-based
  • Zinc oxide — did you know that this shake includes an ingredient you may also find in your sunscreen?! YUCK!
  • Vitamin A acetate — extremely hazardous according to the EWG since it is synthetic
  • Vitamin B12 — which form is used? Likely the cheapest one, which also happens to be absorbed into the blood stream the worst.
  • Folic acid — can be toxic for some who lack the enzymes to metabolize, so please only choose folate when it comes to the critical B vitamin (not folic acid)!!!

Overall Impressions:

Grade C- will be given to this product, due to its efforts to try to create a thoughtful ‘gluten-free’ product, but lack of depth into sourcing and quality for it’s other main ingredients, including non-organic and GMOs lingering throughout — not to mention stuff you’d find in your sunscreen!


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