Hi everyone!! I chose to review this shake because I kind of have an obsession with the DoTerra oils.  For those of you that don’t know about these oils–GET THEM!! They have ones to help you relax, ones to help you sleep and ones to energize you (along with hundreds others but those are the ones I use).

Anyway, today I just had plain vanilla with water and ice.  The taste is good enough.  Not too strong at all.  I know this will be a good shake mixed in with other ingredients…like TEA of course:)

I felt very full today but I should preface that with saying I hate 80979710987 calories yesterday, so I think I’d be full no matter what I drank.

I also feel pretty energized today!!!  The amazing weather definitely helps! I LOVE summer!!

PS my awesome friend just gave me samples in a ziploc bag of this shake so I won’t be able to show the packaging of it in my pictures:)


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