MUNDANE MONDAY-PlantFusion Vanilla Bean

We all know I’m absolutely obsessed with Plantfusion.  A bunch of people told me to try an already made shake and I figured that was a good idea (hey it sure makes Mundane Monday easy).  I was sooo excited to find this shake at Wegmans.

I do wish the nutrition was better (I was sad to read Dr. B’s analysis), but a B- isn’t that horrible (she’s given Fs before) and this shake TASTES AMAZING!!!

I will keep this in my fridge at all times for weekends!  I am always running out the door to parties and never have time to make a shake.  Well this amazing shake will rescue me many days.

The vanilla bean tastes exactly like vanilla bean ice cream.  I could drink this every day.  I think I may like this just as much as the Cookies and Cream flavor (I have to see if they make that premade as well).

I had a root canal today so I’m actually drinking my second one right now.  I may even have a third one if my mouth hurts this much in a few hours:)

I’M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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