TAS-TEA TUESDAY–PlantFusion Vanilla Bean

OKAY STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING—really don’t even finish reading this because YOU HAVE TO MAKE THIS CONCOCTION ASAP!!!

I mixed 1/2 tsp of coconut matcha and a 1/2 of tsp of pineapple matcha into this shake.  It’s out of this world!!!  One thing, I put the cap back on and you have to shake A LOT and really hard.  I think my muscles will be sore, but it is worth it!! It tastes like a creamy, pina colada.

The premade shake is just as filling as the powder.  I felt very good all day yesterday.  I actually had two shakes yesterday and will have two again today (damn root canal), but yesterday I was barely hungry for dinner which is a MIRACLE!!

I LOVE PlantFusion.


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