WACKY WEDNESDAY–PlantFusion Vanilla Bean

Well this morning is wacky because I was up at at 4am!! What what?  I’m off to conference and I can’t wait!! I’m excited to hear explosive news about Steeped, meet up with some amazing people, and speak on a panel about social media!!

Since I woke up so early and I have a 7 hour drive ahead of me, I decided to mix the shake with four matchas for Wacky Wednesday.  I mixed it with pineapple, strawberry, coconut and banana.  It feels like I should be on a beach!!! It reminds me of a miami vice!!! Yum!!!

I may not get around to writing for Treat Thursday but I will try my best!! I will definitely drink the shakes (already packed) and will try my best to get to a computer tomorrow!! If not, I’ll still be able to give a final grade (even if it’s Saturday)–NO WORRIES!! I assume it’ll be high:)0matchasyay

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