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WACKY WEDNESDAY–PlantFusion Vanilla Bean

Well this morning is wacky because I was up at at 4am!! What what?  I’m off to conference and I can’t wait!! I’m excited to hear explosive news about Steeped, meet up with some amazing people, and speak on a panel about social media!!

Since I woke up so early and I have a 7 hour drive ahead of me, I decided to mix the shake with four matchas for Wacky Wednesday.  I mixed it with pineapple, strawberry, coconut and banana.  It feels like I should be on a beach!!! It reminds me of a miami vice!!! Yum!!!

I may not get around to writing for Treat Thursday but I will try my best!! I will definitely drink the shakes (already packed) and will try my best to get to a computer tomorrow!! If not, I’ll still be able to give a final grade (even if it’s Saturday)–NO WORRIES!! I assume it’ll be high:)0matchasyay

TAS-TEA TUESDAY–PlantFusion Vanilla Bean

OKAY STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING—really don’t even finish reading this because YOU HAVE TO MAKE THIS CONCOCTION ASAP!!!

I mixed 1/2 tsp of coconut matcha and a 1/2 of tsp of pineapple matcha into this shake.  It’s out of this world!!!  One thing, I put the cap back on and you have to shake A LOT and really hard.  I think my muscles will be sore, but it is worth it!! It tastes like a creamy, pina colada.

The premade shake is just as filling as the powder.  I felt very good all day yesterday.  I actually had two shakes yesterday and will have two again today (damn root canal), but yesterday I was barely hungry for dinner which is a MIRACLE!!

I LOVE PlantFusion.


MUNDANE MONDAY-PlantFusion Vanilla Bean

We all know I’m absolutely obsessed with Plantfusion.  A bunch of people told me to try an already made shake and I figured that was a good idea (hey it sure makes Mundane Monday easy).  I was sooo excited to find this shake at Wegmans.

I do wish the nutrition was better (I was sad to read Dr. B’s analysis), but a B- isn’t that horrible (she’s given Fs before) and this shake TASTES AMAZING!!!

I will keep this in my fridge at all times for weekends!  I am always running out the door to parties and never have time to make a shake.  Well this amazing shake will rescue me many days.

The vanilla bean tastes exactly like vanilla bean ice cream.  I could drink this every day.  I think I may like this just as much as the Cookies and Cream flavor (I have to see if they make that premade as well).

I had a root canal today so I’m actually drinking my second one right now.  I may even have a third one if my mouth hurts this much in a few hours:)

I’M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



FINALS FRIDAY–Doterra Vanilla

WELL–I am obsessed with DoTerra oils!! I have used them for a while and love their smells and functionality as well!  I was super excited when I found out DoTerra had a shake.  I know Dr. B. is a fan of oils too, so I figured this shake may have gotten a better grade from her, but clearly I was wrong (not the first time but don’t tell my husband that)!

  1. Nutrition (C-):  Dr. B. gave it a C-.  As I said I was surprised about this grade, but I trust Dr. B. about EVERYTHING!!
  2. Cost (A): It looks like for 40 servings this shake costs less than $40!  My goal is always to find a shake that costs about $1/serving.  I also am amazed that this is so cheap coming from a direct sales company (as they tend to be higher costs).
  3. Taste (A-):  I definitely liked the taste of this shake.  I don’t know if it is anything to write home about, but it’s a super mild vanilla taste that mixes well with almost anything!!
  4. Filling (A-).  This shake was definitely filling! I never felt the need to have lunch all week (of course I did), but it wasn’t necessary.  I have had more filling shakes before, but this definitely is up there in filling factor.
  5. Energizing (B+).  This shake did energize me (which was a very big relief after last week of having no energy).  I have definitely had more energizing shakes, but my energy was pretty impressive all week even though I had the kids home all week (and that is saying a lot).
  6. Total Score (B+). This shake is definitely a very good alternative!  I also got some other flavors that I can’t wait to try!  I am not surprised I like this shake considering how much I love the oils!Final Grade-B (9)


Well today was an extra special day–my baby boy graduated from preschool!! To celebrate I made him his favorite cookies that we used to make all the time with Shakeology.

This is a Shakeology recipe but I used DoTerra instead.  I mixed 1/2 cup all natural almond butter, 1/4 cup raw honey, 1/2 cup chopped raw almonds (I put them in food processor), 2.5 scoops of Vanilla powder, and 2 tbsp chocolate chips (I only had Christmas ones left so hopefully they are still good in June:).   Anyway you mix all together and make into little balls or cookies.  THESE TASTE AMAZING–really with any vanilla protein powder.

I feel great on this shake still! YYAYAY!



OMG!! I made the best recipe!! Last week, I didn’t like the shake but LOVED the recipe book that came with the shakes!

I was excited to try this recipe because I LOVE what it says about matcha!!  I didn’t know how it would taste…but needed to try!!

WOW this is amazing!!!  It tastes like banana foster (I used banana matcha but I think coconut would be amazing too)!

Today I felt pretty full.  I ate lunch at around 2pm and only felt a little bit hungry prior to 2.  That being said, I did my personal best on the Peleton today and burned 60 calories more than usual!

In addition, I also felt a lot of energy!!!

I feel great with DoTerra and will definitely use this recipe often!!



I knew this shake would taste good mixed with anything because it has a super mild flavor.  Today I mixed it with mocha matcha and 1 tbsp of unsweetened dark cocoa.  It tasted really good!!! I like the mocha matcha from Steeped (probably not my favorite) but with the cocoa (that only adds 5 calories) it tastes amazing!!!

This tasted like a mocha frappucino.  I LOVED every sip of it!!!

I felt pretty full today too!! I had to take Brody to a kindergarten meeting so I had to eat lunch at around 1, but I wasn’t really that hungry.

I also had tons of energy today!!!  It may have helped that I had A LOT of matcha in that shake, but hey so far I’m loving this shake!!