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Newsflash: PlantFusion makes a ready-to-drink version of their shake — and I cannot WAIT to review it!!


What’s In It?

The Pro’s

  • Stamped for approval in ALL main categories for a healthy beverage: gluten free (wheat free!), dairy free, rice free, soy free, vegan/no animal, making this a highly hypoallergenic formula (which means great for more people, and easy to digest and tolerate for those with allergies).
  • Certified nonGMO, meaning there are no lingering genetically modified organisms in your beverage aka a super clean way to get your protein and nutrients!
  • More protein than competitors, and less sugar = more of the good stuff (but not too much), and less of the bad stuff (the LESS sugar the better!)
  • Protein in the formula is a clever combo of pea protein isolate (I do wish it wasn’t a processed isolate), artichoke (great source of nutrients and fiber as well), sprouted amaranth (power-grain), organic sprouted quinoa

Is there any sneaky stuff hiding in the formula?

  • Alpha Galactosidase: what is this really long word? A super cool enzyme that helps break down and digest carbohydrate-rich foods especially cruciferous green veggies like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower which typically cause gas and bloating.
  • Bromelain: I’ve RAVED before and I’ll RAVE again about this digestive enzyme from pineapple, chosen likely due to its super protective abilities which enhance digestion, calm inflammation, heal infections, mitigate joint pain, ease allergies, asthma and even speed up recovery post injury.
  • Glycine: a muscle-building, brain-boosting amino acid that benefits your whole body! Great choice here. It also supports gut health, regeneration of collagen, promotes healthy sleep and calms the nerves. Ahhh…
  • Selenomethionine: selenium is an awesome choice of trace mineral chosen to protect your heart, thyroid health aka metabolism and prevent cancer.
  • Evaporated cane sugar: at least it is nonGMO sugar cane, but still…
  • Certainly not an all organic formula, including synthetic vitamins such as their Vitamin E, Vitamin A as beta carotene, folic acid and cyanocobalamin (wish they used folate and methylcobalamin for higher quality and better absorption into the body instead!)

The Con’s 

  • Carrageenan: this thickening food additive, although derived from seaweed and seemingly innocent, can cause quite a few side effects including inflammation, insulin resistance, various digestive concerns, immune imbalance and even some types of cancer. Best to avoid products that contain it.
  • Natural Flavor, Natural Vanilla Flavor and Natural Vanilla Non-Dairy Creme: what’s with all the flavoring? Did you know that ‘natural flavors’ are completely processed and made up of 100+ chemicals? How on earth can you call this natural?!
  • Fructose: one of the WORST ways to sweeten a formula! Why’d they choose fructose?! You might be more familiar with the term high fructose corn syrup, because they are processed in the SAME way, and the liver must work extra hard to metabolize this type of sugar since our other cells cannot do it. When our cells cannot absorb or metabolize fructose or glucose, and have become resistant to insulin, we are setting up a metabolic storm: prediabetes, leaky gut, obesity, heart disease, increased cholesterol, high blood pressure, increased mercury levels, etc…. Too much fructose in your body also contributes to fatty liver disease, which is just one of the myriad of scary down-stream effects this type of fruit sugar can have on our physiology. Do not consume products with fructose if possible.
  • Sunflower Oil: an inflammatory omega-6 oil that one should not be consuming on a regular basis, especially if we are to be eating clean diets that mitigate inflammation, aka with a Mediterranean-style diet packed with omega-3 fatty acids along with colorful fruits and veggies, fresh wild caught fish, raw nuts and seeds, avocados and olive oil (plus organic red wine and dark chocolate!!). YUM!

I feel that this is a REALLY tricky formula to evaluate. I really, REALLY wanted to fall in love with it, but the ready-made shake just isn’t quite all the powder was designed to be. I would have to grade this product a B- due to the long and intricate list of Con’s listed above, despite the fact that there were so many GREAT additions which tried to make this formula stand out from the crowd.



Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!

This week we are featuring a brand I am very excited about: Burt’s Bees. I don’t know about you, but when I think about Burt and his Bees, I think about lipgloss, organic baby cotton clothes, toys and even bedsheets. But protein powder?! This is a brand new venture for them and I look forward to getting deeper into their product. Here we go…

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 9.23.54 PM

Looks super cute and fun, right?! Vanilla flavor, organic pea protein, plant-based protein shake.. they have all the key buzz words. So far, so good…

The basics: GRADE A

Sodium: 210mg, or 9%, meh. Aim for less than 6-8% whenever possible for sodium.

Protein: 15g/serving. Good balanced serving size, and from peas, brown rice and even sunflower seeds. Yummy sounding.

Servings of fruits and veggies: 4.5 — pretty decent in one glass! Their fruit and veg nutrient blend includes tons of colorful fruits and veggies, along with shiitake mushroom for a bonus kick of vitamin D and immune support.

Stamps of approval: GF (gluten free), Soy-free (yippee!!), Non-GMO, Dairy-free. Well done, Burt.

Expiry date: well listed, along with organic, non-GMO stamps.


Now for the fun part… What is IN this protein shake, and what is it made of???

Questionable ingredients:

  • Honey powder: maltodextrin (usually from corn, and might contain added MSG or other non-ideal sourcing issues…)
  • Natural flavors: NO way of being actually natural, as they are flavorings
  • Partially hydrolyzed oat flour: some suggest that this form of processing may even be suitable for those with Celiac disease, although the flour is derived by acid or other enzyme.
  • Carrageenan: WHY on earth, Burt, did you include this in your product? I mean, I understand that carrageenan can be added to instill a false sense of creaminess, or flowy texture, but from a health perspective it is a HUGE DANGER as it is carcinogenic — which means get it out of your diet!!!! This filler can be found in many organic ‘health’ foods so please read labels and do your best to avoid products that have this.

OVERALL rating for this product: I wanted to give this a solid GRADE A, although due to the questionable ingredients, I must resort to a final GRADE of A-.

PS Burt, if you’re reading this, you were steps away from a nearly perfect shake — get rid of the carrageenan please!!!!